Alabama Gambling Stance And UIGEA Have A Lot In Common


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It is as if the state of Alabama is about a decade behind the rest of the US when it comes to the gambling issue. While others states’ lawmakers and citizens have discussed and changed gambling laws, Alabama is acting as if this is something new.

The debate has picked up in recent months with the Sweet Home Alabama Coalition pushing the legalization of electronic bingo halls. Seventeen counties in the state have already signed off on the deal.

Opponents of gambling have come out against the proposed bingo halls, using the same arguments that have been tried, and have failed, in other states. Gambling brings crime. Gambling can destroy families. That is what the opposition groups are claiming.

The governor has even denounced gambling, and has set up a task force to seek out and close locations that are operating what the state believes are illegal gaming machines. These locations, however, believe the machines they are operating do not interfere with the law.

The situation regarding other forms of gambling in Alabama is similar to the US government’s stance on Internet gambling. Ignore the facts, and the problem does not exist.

There is no state lottery in Alabama, and lawmakers believe that is stopping people from betting on a lottery. The truth is, that since there is no lottery in their home state, millions of dollars is being channeled from the people of Alabama to state lotteries in Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida.

In the US, millions of people are gambling online, but the government is convincing themselves that their Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is doing its job and stopping Internet gambling in the country.

The state of Alabama will eventually end up with legalized gambling. The people of the state will not continue to allow the government to keep it away. The only concern is how far they have to come to catch up with the rest of the nation.

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