All About Casino House Edge

When you enter a casino hall, whether it is online or offline, you will definitely hear the word “house edge”. But, while the word is very much ordinary, a lot of people aren’t really sure about the meaning of it.

The house edge simply pertains to the advantage of the casino owner over its players. In every casino game present in the hall, it is a fact that the casino for have a much higher chance of winning over their players, thus putting the odds greatly on their favor. You may think that casino games are always fair, however, that’s not the case. The house edge differ in every game you see inside a casino, the thing here is that you have to be vigilant in looking for the game with lower house edges.

One of the most fair casino games of all is the Blackjack game with respect to the player and the dealer since they most likely to play the same odds. The manner of how the house edge is configured in this kind of game is that the dealer places one card facing up, while the other remaining card is hidden enough so that the players will not be able to see it. This serves as a capital on the uncertainty of player of not being able to see the card that the dealer is holding. The same goes to the manner of how the players pit against their opponent in a poker game. This being said, the players are then forced to bet without the assurance of winning the odds. This means that the player will most likely to do a few wrong moves about taking another card or not. This now becomes the house edge of the casino.

In a roulette game, the casino’s house edge is simpler and it can be easily calculated mathematically. The only thing that you have to do is to take 100 as a representation for 100% and then divide the number by 37 which represents all the numbers on the board. This will then give you 2.7 or 2.7%. this figure represents that chance of the ball to land on any number on the board. In a roulette, the casino wins over the player when the ball lands on the zero. In an American roulette, the house edge is doubled since there are two zero slots resulting to a house edge of 5.4%.

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